EVMavericksManeNet DAO

ManeNet DAO advances the decentralized Ethereum Web3 ecosystem by aligning shared member incentives with funding, developing, and promoting public goods and education.

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Public Goods

ManeNet DAO emerges from the culture of open-source software, the foundation of Web3.

ManeNet DAO treasury allocates funding towards public goods that honor this ethos, through avenues such as Gitcoin.

We want to set an example for future Web3 communities: contribute to the infrastructure that underpins this space while still providing value to your members.


The current technological landscape of Ethereum is a world of opportunities with increasingly complex innovation.

ManeNet DAO will host and distribute knowledge so the community can remain on the cutting edge on this new and exciting frontier.

The foundation of our community has always been education. We have a history of teaching each other, and we want to extend our tradition of discussion amongst intellectually honest peers to a wider audience.


We value decentralization in all aspects: of the network and of power.

ManeNet DAO actively supports a distributed Ethereum and works to amplify its resilience, as well as incentivize decentralization in existing and future projects.

We believe that decentralization is a means to provide freedom, fairness, and open access to every person.

ManeNet DAO envisions a world with a long-term, self-sufficient, and regenerative cryptoeconomic landscape.

Joining the EVMavericks ManeNet DAO

To join our DAO you must own an EVMavericks NFT. You can buy one on LooksRare or OpenSea. Being a member of the EVMavericks family gives you some nice and exclusive features:

Snapshot Votes

Directly weight in on the organization's future by participating in regular snapshot votes.

Join a Family

EVMavericks are bound together with the will to see Ethereum succeed, we share strong values and ideals.

Discover the ecosystem

Thanks to our diverse and talented community, there is countless opportunities to learn and discover.

Build the Future

Contribute with us to Ethereum's next chapter, pushing for decentralization as a public good for all.

Private Discord Access

Have access to all private channels on Discord, including our best #alpha related ones.

Partners Airdrops

Building our ever growing network, you can expect some interesting Airdrops in the future.

Exclusive NFT mints

Gain access to pre-mints for partner projects that have ethos aligned with ours.

Potential Revenue Stream

We want to build and maintain a thriving community, you might get directly incentivised to hold an EVM.